Friday, October 28, 2011

Talking trash

I was reading a post on one of my favorite blogs -- The Big Picture -- which included this description of the latest stock market surge:  "An excess of pessimism led to the breakout to a new trading range..."

That's a new take on the old stock market adage about higher prices being driven by "more buyers than sellers."  And both are just a wag's way of saying, "Who knows?"  (And if the pros don't really know, it's time to find a new game.)

So how does this relate to your business?  In two ways:
  1. You cannot afford NOT to know why more customers are not buying -- unless you are on Wall Street and get paid whether your customers buy or sell or by simply fleecing your herd.  If you are guessing, you are losing market share.  And in today's environment, that's a death sentence.
  2. You cannot afford to be pessimistic.  If your head is full of dark thoughts, that storm will consume you and your business.  See item #1, above.
There's a term used in selling and sports (and probably other disciplines) that describes a negative state of mind; the doubts and bad attitude that form a pessimistic view.  It's called "Head Trash."  We all suffer from bad days, but most successful business people have found a way to overcome persistent head trash.
But most small business leaders have a less sadistic approach to accentuating the positive. Some use affirmations, others find comfort in physical endeavors, or family, or simply work itself.

What's your coping mechanism?  How do you stay focused on the positive?

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