Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Overcoming disaster

Another hit to the backbone of our economy: many businesses took a big blow in and around the NY Capital region (and elsewhere) from Irene.  A lot are up and running again, but as one owner put it to me, "The costs didn't stop; the income did.  For a small business in this environment, that hit is very hard to overcome.  But we'll try and push forward."

What to do?  Many businesses are already running as lean as possible, and agonizing over every cost and potential investment. A disaster recovery plan, no matter how well thought out, can't overcome limitations of size and inadequate reserves.  Indeed, for some, proper insurance and the help of the government may not be enough to fuel long-term health.

Our local citizens can and must help....  Here's an idea...instead of using the web, going to a big box or mall...for the rest of the year, find, patronize and support local, and locally-owned businesses.  Call your local business association and Chamber of Commerce and get a membership list.  Share it with your friends.  Tweet it, "like" or "friend" a local business.  Get the word out and take action.  Support your neighbors and rebuild our communities.


Michael said...

You can also find a list of local independent businesses at the local First website.

Support local!

Al B said...

Thanks, Mike!